Welcome to the testimonials page. As you will notice there is currently only one video available to watch. We just want to let you know that this is not because only one person has something good to say about us! lol

We have had lots of testimonials over the years (just trust us on this one) but for the most part they have come in written form through emails and letters. Since it is 2013 we decided that video testimonials were a much better way to go so we contacted a bunch of our former clients to see if they would be willing to shoot a video to talk about their individual experiences with our companies.

As of today we have had a few videos roll in but we haven’t had a chance to get them on the site yet (we just went live on Friday April 12th and are working day an night to get everything uploaded and all the bugs worked out) and we are waiting for the rest to get sent to us.

So until we get around to uploading the rest of the testimonials enjoy the one we were able to upload :)

DREI Testimonials:

SREI Testimonials:

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