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For the past decade, Canadians have struggled to grow their investment portfolios because of the poor performance of the stock market. The vast majority of people have all their investments within the market (Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, etc.) and are completely helpless to the volatility that has resided over the industry. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians are currently dealing with the harsh reality of not having enough money to retire the way they want. As such, we have made it our personal mission to educate people on the benefits of Real Estate as an investment opportunity and to help them add Real Estate to their portfolios in the safest, most secure way possible.

Today, through our three businesses, we are helping thousands of Canadians invest in real estate. Whether you want to invest in real estate passively (much the same way you would invest in Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, etc) or you want to do it all yourself, we will help you every step of the way.


Who we are:

In the ‘Working with Kevin and Erik’ section of the site, we go into great detail explaining our three companies, so we are going to keep this About Us page…well about us :) .

Erik and I are active (we are probably looking for our next deal as you are reading this) full time Canadian real estate investors and educators – specializing in the acquisition of multi-unit residential real estate around Canada. In the last 6 years, we have worked over 25,000 hours growing our real estate businesses. To date, we have completed well over 50 real estate transactions and have learned a TON of lessons along the way.

Our countless hours of hard work and TONS of experience (along with the fact we are published authors now) have established us as Experts in the field of real estate investing. As such our social calendars are now pretty full (well as full as we want them to be anyways). We routinely accept speaking engagements around Ontario to discuss not only real estate, but investing in general and more specifically the importance of every single Canadian taking personal responsibility for their financial future…I feel a rant coming on so I will stop there and save it for my blog.


Our Mission…Continued

Despite what many so called ‘Experts’ in the industry tell you, Real Estate Investing isn’t easy! And there are no secret short cuts you can take to make millions of dollars in the next 30 days…or even the next year for that matter.

You will NEVER hear us talking about getting rich quick. The fact is, achieving financial freedom takes a lot of hard work and dedication. So instead of talking about being like most of the other ‘Experts’ in the industry and talking about airy fairy B.S. (pardon my language) that has no applicable use, we have chosen to use and teach a proven and repeatable step by step process for acquiring properties here in Canada. This system has allowed us, our partners, and our SREI (Strategic Real Estate Investing) members to safely and securely invest in real estate and make 15%+ returns annually by doing so…and it is our mission to help thousands more in the coming years.

Regardless of whether you want to invest actively or passively, we are here to help YOU achieve your financial goals and live a life you love – full of freedom and security.


Lets get connected!

So sadly (well it’s really not that sad…) this brings us to the end of our about us page. But as we like to look at it: This doesn’t have to be the end, but instead the beginning! The choice is ultimately up to you.

We encourage you to connect with us through social media so we can get to know one another better. Drop by our blog Create Your OWN Reality and post a comment or question…or check us out on Twitter , Linked In, Instagram and our Facebook page. Kevin is especially active on these sites and would LOVE to hear from you (interacting with like minded people online is one of his favourite things to do…well other than play recreational sports and invest in real estate lol). We also have a newsletter that you can sign up for and learn a bunch of really good stuff on investing.

Social media is such an awesome resource for people because of the unlimited access to information. If you have questions about a specific post or feel you can add some extra value to what is being talked about please get engaged in the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy our website!

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